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Gutsy - showing courage, determination, and spirit

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The Gutsy Women Club (GWC) is a community of women who strive to reach their dream lives. By joining us, you become part of a sisterhood of women dedicated to supporting and lifting each other up. More than just a community, you will astonish yourself as you progress through our Gutsy DREAM System, where you will gain clarity, courage, and camaraderie.  Wild and outrageous dreamers of all ages are welcome to join our Club.  


If you think you aren't brave enough to chase your dreams, think again. The Gutsy DREAM System is a system of possibilities! Open your mind, your heart, and your life to endless possibilities. 

Dare to Dream Big

Realize your Potential

Elevate your Life

Act Boldly

Mentor Others

Are you ready to build your dream life?

Maybe you have that nagging feeling that you could do something wonderful with your life? Or maybe you've had the same dream since you were a little girl, but you didn't have the support - or the courage - to take the next step? What if you could connect with other women, just like yourself, who are taking gutsy actions to build more meaningful and joyful lives?  What if you discovered that there was a "roadmap" that you can follow that will boost your confidence and give you the courage to pursue your dreams? 

Now getting from here to there won't be easy. It requires honesty, even the willingness to feel vulnerable as you uncover your fears and rid yourself of the things that no longer serve you. This won't be an overnight journey.  And make no mistake about it - the journey will be filled with detours and unexpected side trips. But it will be so well worth it!

What's Included

The Gutsy Women Club is a three-tiered membership program. You will transition from the STARTER level, to the INTERMEDIATE level, to the ADVANCED level. As you progress through each level, you will move beyond past regrets to build a fulfilling lifestyle and begin to take bold actions to reach your dream life.

Here's what you get with each level.

* Action-oriented tools to guide your journey

* A sisterhood of like-minded women to discuss the challenges and joys of chasing your dreams.

* Monthly workshops and "campfire chats"

* Special events and challenges

* Accountability partners and support teams

* Guest speakers

* Give-aways and promotions


“I felt supported, inspired, and excited about the future I imagined for myself! I’m so excited to follow Dr. Brenda’s guidance to make this dream a reality!” - Heather A.

"Joining the Gutsy Women Club with Dr. Brenda has been an empowering life experience and a comprehensive learning opportunity." - Carola G.

"This group is definitely an unique opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals and also get some expert direction, no matter what phase of life you are entering." – Cathy H.

What you will Accomplish

Your journey starts by building a solid foundation to pursue your dreams. Here's what you can expect when you complete the Starter Level.

  1. A clearer vision of your dream life and your most-perfect day.
  2. A powerful affirmation that propels you through each day.
  3. Self-confidence and trust in your own powers and abilities.
  4. A renewed sense of hope and a positive outlook on the future.
  5. New friendships in the "sisterhood" of gutsy women.

As you graduate from each level, you will look back in astonishment, barely recognizing the woman who first set out on this amazing journey. This is your chance to shine! Are you ready?

Meet Dr. Brenda


Hi! I'm Brenda Uekert, PhD, sociologist, financial coach, course creator, blogger, and the founder of the Gutsy Women Club. I'm a single mom who worked her way to financial freedom and left the conventional lifestyle to pursue my own adventures (read my story). These days you can find me traveling the country in my RV (with my three cats).

I believe that life is a journey, and we have a responsibility to ourselves to design our future and craft a life of joy. We have the strength and courage to build our dream life.

Have questions?

Send an email to brenda@drbrendamoneycoach.com for more information.

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